ProMat 2019 Recap - Chicago



Chicago, IL: TREW debuted the new jump up organization highlighting SmartMoves WX WES, CHAMP™ WCS, motorized roller conveyor, accumulating spiral curves, palletizing conveyor, TREWpartner robotic solutions, and the organization's solution capabilities. 4 days of fun, 1350 exhibitors, and over 9 football fields of exhibition space is a lot to take in.


Need a reminder about what you saw at the TREW booth? 


Trew ProMat 2019 Recap


Turn out for the show was strong with more than expected booth traffic. 
Some things heard around the booth…

“Hey, I know you guys!”

“You own Tech King software – good stuff, have used them for years!”

“Accumulating MDR spirals – now that’s interesting!”

“So…. What does TREW mean?”

Booth highlights included:


•  SmartMoves™ WES


•  Accumulating Spirals

•  MDR Conveyor & Controls

•  Collaborative Robotics

•  TREW capabilities

•  Tech King software solutions

•  Hilmot conveyor products



So what does TREW mean?

TREW : believe, trust

[trü] – Scottish



TREW provides automated material handling solutions for integrators and end users, including Warehouse Execution Systems (WES), Warehouse Control Systems (WCS), PLC- and server-based machine controls, motorized driven roller (MDR) conveyor and services such as concepting, engineering, technical support, parts, field service and training.   Serving the North American retail, warehouse, distribution, manufacturing and ecommerce industries, TREW’s experienced staff and broad network of integrator partners enable uncommonly smart solutions scalable to any material handling needs.




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