ProMat 2023 - Integrator Solutions

ProMat 2023 was a big success! Hosted by MHI, over 50,000 visitors checked out the latest material handling trends and technology.


This year we highlighted our conveyor systems that deliver client value with high performance, flexibility, reduced spare parts, and reliable operations.  Our integrator support team was on-hand discussing the products and exciting things going on at Trew Hilmot.

  • Series 1500 MDR - NEW and Updated Motor Driven Roller Modules
  • Narrow Belt Accumulation (NBA) Conveyor - NEW Limited Release - Merging and Buffering Applications
  • Belt Conveyor - Longer Runs, Fewer Drives, Reduced Maintenance and Spare Parts, Easier to Install
  • Empty Corrugate Conveyor (ECC) - Longer Runs, Small Vertical Footprint, Shares Design and Parts with Belt Line



Our tradeshow conveyor loop showed Narrow Belt Accumulator conveyor slug releasing product to Series 1500 MDR tight radius curves and intermediates singulating product into a HCAT90 Double Pick & Pass to complete the loop.



Motor-Driven Roller Conveyor System

TR15002 - Intermediate RSL


Series 1500 conveyor is primarily used in the distribution sector for tote and case handling applications. Our standard series product line is highly versatile, easily configured, pre-wired conveyor sections driven by motorized drive rollers. Series 1500 has a weight capacity of less than 75 lbs.



Video - MDR Series 1500 Conveyor



MDR Series 1500 Conveyor Catalog


Narrow Belt Accumulator - Limited Release
TREW NBA 2023-1


Narrow Belt Accumulator is used to buffer containers, balance workflow between processes, or build up queues for merge and sortation systems. It provides high density pneumatic minimal pressure accumulation with less product damage and fewer jams.



Video - Narrow Belt Accumulator



Narrow Belt Accumulator Cutsheet 



Series K - Belt Conveyor
BOR render cropped


Belt on Roller (BOR) and Belt on Slider (BOS) transportation modules are available in widths and lengths you need for your high-speed, light to medium-duty distribution system. These low-maintenance modules are easily configurable to achieve the desired function: transportation, incline/decline, merging, gapping, and scanning applications. They can convey any flat-bottomed product in a large variety of sizes, weights, and compositions – ideal for package, tote, carton, and polybag handling.



Video - Series K - Belt Conveyor



Series K - Belt Conveyor Cutsheet




Series K - Empty Carton Conveyor
ECC Conveyor - cropped


Empty Carton Conveyor (ECC) transportation modules are available in widths and lengths you need in order to convey empty corrugate, dunnage, boxes, polybags, or other bulk transportation items. The wide belt and combination of rollers between slider pans allow for the dependable transportation of a wide array of conveyables while maximizing the unit’s length. Our innovative transition module, the Waterfall, allows for units to dependably transfer products between two units without changing elevation.



Series K - Belt Conveyor Cutsheet


Here are some highlight photos from ProMat 2023:






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