Product Spotlight - Series 1500 RSH & RSL Curves

Sometimes conveyor system layouts throw you a curve and you need flexibility in layout and operator conveyor interaction.

Trew’s Series 1500 MDR conveyor system has been updated to help you pick the right solution for your application whether it is accumulating flow or an area where operators interact with conveyed products.

Accumulating curves are now commercially available in 30, 45, 60, or 90-degree angles in both roller set low (RSL) and roller set high (RSH) configurations.  All the curve configurations use the same top of support dimension and integrate seamlessly with the rest of the conveyor platform.




When do you use RSH vs. RSL?



Rollers Set High conveyor (RSH) - Accumulating Flow

  • Photoeye is mounted below carrier rollers with a beam that shoots up between rollers to sense product

  • Positions the carrier roller so that the top of the carrier roller sits 1/4" higher than the conveyor side frame

Rollers Set Low conveyor (RSL) - Operator Interaction

  • Positions the carrier rollers so that the side frame sits 2" higher than the carrier roller surface

  • Offers built-in photo eyes to sense product as it is being conveyed

When to use RSH?

  • When operators are pulling products off the conveyor surface

  • When the product is wider than the conveyor

When to use RSL?

  • For lower cost installation, doesn’t require additional guardrail

  • Improved handling and product sensing



The curve modules are part of the Series 1500 MDR product line which is often used in distribution for tote and case handling applications. The product line is highly versatile, easily configured, and pre-wired so it’s ready for installation.



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