Product Spotlight - H-20 ASi Full Control Card

Our H-20 ASi Full Control motor card provides the ultimate dexterity and flexibility of system-level PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) zone control. As an MDR two-zone controller card, H-20 Full Control acts as a remote IO connection, allowing integrators to use Hilmot's control services or develop their own PLC and visibility strategies. And with its low memory and bandwidth use, the H-20 Full Control allows for a more cost-effective PLC while still maintaining high data transmission rates.




H-20 ASi Full Control Card - Ethernet/IP protocols in a conveyor environment solved.



Total Visibility

- PLC design - enables full control over your warehouse system by monitoring every
  input device in your system and makes decisions based on custom programs
  designed for you


- Low Memory & Bandwidth Use - Allows for a more cost effective PLC


- Connection of motors and sensors via M8 connectors (2) Inputs for 3-wire sensors
  (2) Outputs for DC roller motors (drum motors)


- Possibility for up to 62 H20 modules per network / 124 H20 modules
  per Dual Network Gateway


- Field Install Auxiliary Equipment Savings - Simple wiring prevents the need
  for extra electrical labor




Hilmot conveyor CH-3

Small Footprint & Ease of Install

- Ease of Install & Quick Disconnect - Minimal tool use needed 


- Durable plastic housing in a one-piece design


- Ease of cable management - Built-in side frame design


- Reduction of ethernet cables - One per ASi Gateway






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