The Benefits of Using Poly-Coated Conveyor Rollers


Looking to improve conveyor system product handling?


It may be easier than you realize by implementing or updating conveyor systems with polyurethane coated rollers.  Our Series 1500 Motorized Roller conveyor offers poly-coated rollers as an option.


Here are top advantages for using polyurethane on conveyor rollers:

  1. Reduced noise levels: Polyurethane has inherent noise-dampening qualities. Adding polyurethane to conveyor rollers helps reduce noise levels generated during operation, creating a quieter working environment.

  2. Increased durability: Polyurethane is a highly durable material that can withstand heavy loads, abrasion, and impact. Adding polyurethane to conveyor rollers enhances their lifespan and reduces maintenance needs.

  3. Enhanced frictional properties: Polyurethane provides superior traction and grip, which improves the conveying efficiency and prevents slippage, especially in inclined or high-speed conveyor systems.

  4. Increased product protection: Polyurethane has a cushioning effect that protects delicate or fragile products during transportation. It minimizes the risk of damage, such as scratches or dents that can occur when using harder roller materials.

  5. Resistance to chemicals and oils: Polyurethane is resistant to various chemicals, oils, and solvents, making it suitable for conveyor applications where exposure to such substances is common.

  6. Easy cleaning and maintenance: Polyurethane is a non-porous material, making it easy to clean and maintain. It resists dirt and debris buildup, ensuring smoother operation and reducing the need for frequent cleaning.

Poly-coated rollers are an option with the Series 1500 MDR product line which is often used in distribution for tote and case handling applications. The product line is highly versatile, easily configured, and pre-wired so it’s ready for installation.


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