Benefits of MoveIT-Max™ Modular Conveyor

In the ever-evolving landscape for automation, the demand for efficient and adaptable material handling solutions has never been greater.  Trew's MoveIT-Max™ modular conveyor offers a solution designed for flexibility, robust dependable operation and is shipped from the factory ready for fast installation.  The 24VDC design is ideal for facilities where a permanent conveyor system may not yet be necessary.


Having been deployed in over 30 buildings, MoveIT-Max™ provides worry free handling of polybags, jiffys, cartons, parcels and totes and the following benefits:

MoveIT-Max Modular Conveyor Features

  • Quick Beneficial Use - Schedule Savings: The quick connect, quick install electrical design can be powered by 120V power drops, eliminating the need for length permitting and installation processes.

  • Easy Expansion - Scalability: The modular design allows you to mix and match module types and scale up or down conveyor lines as your business fluctuates.

  • Installation Savings - Cost-Efficiency: No need for the installation teams typically needed with traditional conveyor.  The design ships with fold-down legs that allows you to wheel modules into place, lock the wheels, and connect them.

  • Convenience - Flexibility and Mobility: The fold-down support legs with caster wheels and quick electrical connections module to module provides the flexibility to move conveyors easily from one location to another.

  • Multi-Purpose Use - Adaptability: The design allows modules to be connected, or reconnected, in various configurations to adapt to different industries and applications as business needs change.

  • Compact Storage - Space Optimization: Easily stored when not in use, modules can be discounted and moved to storage allowing you to get the most from your floor space.

  • Maintenance Ease - Accessibility: Design uses 24VDC motorized roller technology that makes maintenance, repairs, and cleaning much easier than traditional solutions. 

Visit this page to see MoveIT-MaxTM in action and review its specifications.



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