2-Inch Roller Centers: Exploring the Advantages

2in roller centers

Have an application conveying small products or experiencing product handling challenges?  Consider using or upgrading your conveyor to 2-inch roller centers.


Our Series 1500 MDR product line offers 2-inch roller centers as an option.


Here are some top advantages of using 2-inch roller centers: 

  1. Enhanced product stability: The closer roller spacing provides more contact points, minimizing product movement and improving stability during transportation.

  2. Reduced product tipping and jamming: The increased number of support points decreases the likelihood of smaller or irregularly shaped products tipping over or getting stuck between rollers.

  3. Improved handling of small items: 2-inch roller centers are ideal for conveying smaller items, as the closer spacing ensures the product is sitting on 2 rollers at once.  “2 point contact” enhances stability, helps prevent product fall-through, and improves handling fragile items.

  4. Better control over product orientation: The shorter distance between rollers allows for more precise control over the alignment and orientation of products on the conveyor.

  5. Smoother transitions and turns: The tighter roller spacing enables smoother transitions between conveyor sections and facilitates tighter turns with more efficient and controlled product flow.

  6. Enhanced tracking capabilities: The increased number of rollers along the conveyor aids in keeping products aligned and on track, reducing risk of misalignment or skewing.

  7. Minimized product damage: The improved support and reduced chances of tipping or jamming result in less product damage during transportation, leading to higher-quality output.

  8. Enhanced versatility: 2-inch roller centers provide more flexibility and versatility in handling a wide range of product sizes and shapes, making them suitable for applications with varying requirements.

When designing a conveyor system there are many things to consider.  These benefits are commonly associated with 2-inch roller centers and using them to improve flow in a system.


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